Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gavyn is 10 months!!

Yeah for Gavyn. He is 10 months old now. Im depressed that my little boy is growing up. Im actually starting to handle this "growing up" thing better! Its getting easier.

This month Gavyn started doing "patty cake", waving, biting, and got rid of the bottle.

Gavyn is so funny when he does "patty cake". He throwes his hands up and its hilarious.

And my lil hellian likes to bite people. He has actually only bit like 3 people (Me, Doug and my niece). I think we've gotten him broke of it now though....I was the last one that he bit....I bit him back!!!!! It totally worked. I didn't bite him hard, but it was enough that he thought i killed him. My son is so dramatic that he screamed, cried and threw himself backward. LOL...he can be such a drama KING sometimes.

O yea and his waving....My poor child. He waves with his pinkie and ring fingers. Who knows what he thinks hes doing but its funny.

Gavyn is eating very little baby food now. He is eating mostly off of the table. Oh and I can't forget....He doesn't drink out of the bottle anymore!!!! Yeah. The Dr said that earlier is better then later. I realize that he can drink a bottle up until hes a year old, but He made the switch himself. We just started one day and he stayed with it throughout the night. Its all good!!!

Well only 56 days until Gavyn turns 1 year old. I can't wait to party down!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Not a good week!!!!!

Hello are things? Well this is just a blog to bitch about my week. Its actually only wednesday, but wth, I'm going to post anyway!!!

Well monday started out alright. It was just a normal day at work. We had tons of people coming in our office to sign up for the weight loss challenge. Nothing other then that.

Tuesday was one HELL of a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have a wicked witch in our building. She tries to get everyone in trouble. She is just down right MEAN!!!!!!!! She wrote a memo to my boss. In that memo she called me a LIER and DECEITFUL. I will admit....I didn't tell her the whole story on somethings, but actually NONE of it was her DAMN BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!! She really didn't need to know the things that I didn't tell her. It had nothing to do with her office. WELL, I really didn't appreciate being called a LIER. I don't like that. There was no reason for her to do that. I honestly would really like to beat her ass, but my momma taught me better then that!!!!

Anyway, My boss had a meeting with her and got it all fixed. He is the type that will back you up, NO MATTER WHAT!! Which is all great and stuff, but I know he had to smooth things over with her and that just tics me off....There is no reason he should have had to do that. She needs to learn where her place is and she shouldn't be smearing people's names all over!!! Shes a big talker, so Im sure everyone knows about it all.

Thats sure one day she will get set right!!

On a good is 8 days until my momma surgery. I hope it goes well!!!! And Gavyn has 72 days until his 1st birthday. I really don't think he cares, but his momma is really excited!!! Not really for him to get any older, of course, but just that we get to have a party and decorate and buy presents!!!! Yea Gavyn!!!! lol...I know, Im a dork, but thats signing off.....Nighty night!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hey Yall!!

Whats up??? I really have no idea what I was thinking. Why did I ever start a blog? I don't have time to blog!!!! LOL!

Well everything is going well at my house! Gavyn's top teeth are finally coming in, and he is as good as ever. He is really is a good boy. He is REALLY spoiled though, and you can tell it sometimes. He is crawling and pulling up on everything. He also puts everything into his mouth. He is my human vacuum!! LOL...also, his tests came out very good. He's not diabetic, YET! I hope it never affects his life. It is such a pain, just ask my mom.

My mom is having surgery on June 11. They are going in to drain the fluid and blood from behind her eyes. They told her that this surgery has a 95% chance of working. Then she shouldn't have any other problems. I pray that this will work. I can't even imagine being in her shoes right now. She is stronger then I will ever be.

Doug and I are great! We are preparing for Gavyn's 1st B-day. The theme is going to be John Deere. We live on a farm in the middle of no where. That's all hes ever been around is John Deere. Its just natural that-that's what the theme would be, right? LOL!! We've already gotten the decor and such. The plates and cups are so cute. They say "Happy 1st Birthday" on them. I also got him a hat that says something like "Its my 1st Birthday". It is just adorable!!

Well that's all pretty much it. We are getting a pool. I ordered it this week. I can't wait!! I wanted to get it for Gavyn's bday party, but then summer would be almost over! Why not get it now and then it will be ready for his party! Im excited about it and I think Doug is too. Gavyn is just not too crazy about water, so Im not sure how he will like it. Maybe he will like it before his party. That way he won't be all crazy and screaming then.

Well all....Im outta here.....bye, bye!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Lil Man is 9 months old!!!

Well everyone.....I am officially depressed. My lil man is 9 months old. I honestly hate even saying that. I don't want him any older!! He is GREAT the way he is. I don't know what Im going to do when he turns 18 and moves out...LOL! I know, I know....I say that now, but then I will be ready for him to move out. LOL, isn't that the way it goes?

Well this month he hasn't really done a whole lot. He has been pulling up more. He does like to be on his feet more then on his knees. That hard floor just kills his knees. Hes a BIG boy! His front two teeth still aren't in. You can kinda feel them breaking thru the skin, but they aren't OFFICIALLY in. Hes finally getting broke from biting, slapping and pinching. I was really worried we had a "hellian" on our hands there for a while. Im telling you....the biting and pinching back is starting to take a toll on him. He knows know!! His biggest milestone this month is.......He's drinking out of a straw! Yes, O Yes...My lil man is drinking from a straw. He loves it and I do too. It really has gotten so bad that we have to order him drinks at restaurants. That's ok though. Im glad he can do it. Its way better then spilling the drink all down the front of him!!

Well next Monday my lil man goes for his 9 month check up. I really am nervous. My husband and I have diabetes on both sides of our family. At this check up they are going to do blood work to look at normal things like his iron levels and junk on top of checking his sugar levels. They want to make sure that he isn't diabetic. I really hope that those levels are good. I will hate so much for my son to never be able to experience a normal lifestyle. Im sure it will be ok. Im going to be positive......things can always be worse!!

Tomorrow is finally Friday!! I am soooooo excited. It really hasn't been a long week, but Im ready for Saturday. Saturday is Doug's work banquet. I just want to dress up and spend some time with some adults for once in a REALLY, REALLY long time. Im not really excited about all of the people that will be there cause I don't really know them. But the few that I do know....Im ready!!

Well all, have a wonderful weekend!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My New Camera!!!!

I really have no idea what this pic is, but its my lil boy just smiling as big as he can!! LOL!

Heres a pic of Gavyn's two teeth. We are working on the top two now. They are almost thru the top!! Thank goodness!!!!!!

Well everyone, I found a new camera. I love it! Its very similar to my other one, but this one actually works!! LOL! Here's some new pics Ive taken with it. I hope you enjoy!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

It's Finally Friday......

Hey all, sorry for taking so long. I'm just not as good at this blog thing as I thought I would be. Oh, well. Maybe I will get better in the long run.

Well this week hasn't been the best, but its been tolerable. Monday and Tuesday were just like normal....I won't go into details!!

Wednesday I took my mom to her eye appointment. She had to have more laser surgery. She is going to have 4 this month. It really hurts her and makes her sick. I just hate it, but maybe in the long run it will help her eyes.

Also, on Wednesday Doug, Gavyn and I went to visit my dad. Its always interesting to go visit my dad. Him and his family are just so different then what I was raised. They are all just quiet and my family is loud and outspoken. My mom and dad got divorced when I was 2 and so I have just went to visit them like every other weekend since. That's why I say his family and then my family. Not that I don't think of them as my family, they just aren't immediate. They are really extended to me. O well. Anyway!! Gavyn seems to like them ok, especially since he don't see them as much as everyone else. Gavyn just kinda stares at them and gives them weird looks, but then he smiles at them so I guess that's good. We ended up coming home at like 9 and I was beat.

Thursday was an "ok" day. I started tanning. Thank goodness!! I don't think I could go to the lake or on our vacation if I didn't start tanning now!! LOL...Lets just say I'm white as white can be.

Gavyn was fussy all day on Thursday and his gums are swollen on top. I do believe he will be having two top teeth before long. He didn't sleep at all last night and I really hate those nights. The Dr says Gavyn should be sleeping all thru the night now, but there's no way. He does just wake up once or twice, but come on, Really??????? I don't know what to do to get him to sleep all night. He eats cereal, baby food, and a bottle before bed and he still gets hungry in the night. I wonder if there's a way to wean him of this.....hmmmmm? I will have to think on that.

Well today is finally Friday and I am sooooooooo happy!! I hope this is a relaxing weekend. Mom and I are going shopping tomorrow. I have to find something for Doug's banquet and I also want to look at cameras. My camera hasn't been right since Gavyn was born. That's why I don't have a lot of pics of him on here. I hope to find one this weekend. Well, so long!!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What A Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey all...Its been a while. I haven't had any time at all to blog. Last weekend was great. Doug was off work and so we spent the day as a family in the big city. We went to a few places and we got to eat at "Joe's Crab shack!!" It was great!! Monday started out good. Got to work early. Everything was going great until after lunch. Apparently we have a little tattle tail in our office. My boss called me into his office after lunch and wanted to have a little talk with me. Come to find out....He was upset because I had a password on my computer. It locks after like 3 minutes, so nobody can use my computer while I'm gone. I really didn't think it would be that big of a deal, but I guess it was. I have to allow anyone and everyone to be on my computer when I'm gone now. I really don't understand. Its my own computer. I mean it doesn't have anything on it for anyone else to see. That whole ordeal just made my damn day!!

Starting Tuesday, I was hoping that everything would go good. I was cross training with the other Specialist in our department. I was learning a few things that I didn't know. All was good.....then came the maintenance men with a memo from our boss. Because of the tattle tail...our boss sent a memo to our maintenance men saying that some people in our office had changed the door locks and that they needed to get keys. Well I really don't understand that because a friend of mine did change the knob and lock, but there's no reason that anyone should have her key anyway. She has very personal stuff in her office. Files that shouldn't be seen by anyone else. All of this comes down to the tattle tail now has a key to everyones office and knows my password.

Ever since she started in this office, it has been nothing but absolute chaos!! She just knows how to cause trouble. I really don't understand our boss either. He has always been very understanding and really never got to wound up about anything. He was the perfect boss until she showed up. As Kimmy was talking about....I guess seniority does NOT matter anymore. He is being awful to his "Loyal" employees, but he is babying the new girl. Hell, she was looking to transfer as soon as her 6 months was up. But I guess she has stopped that now, being as she has gotten the boss around her finger.

I really do hate my job now. I used to love it, but I hate being treated like a 5 year old. We get into trouble when we are going to the bathroom now days. Its alot like this everywhere you go, but there has to be something better out there!!

The last few days have been better. I'm glad that tomorrow is Friday. I'm ready for the weekend. I love spending time with my lil boy. Hes the greatest. Also, his teething is getting better now. He still doesn't have any new teeth, but he is sleeping thru most of the night. He gets up once to eat. We might get to go to the zoo on Sunday. We wanted to take Gavyn last weekend, but it was raining. O well!! There's always next time!!